For my ISS project I wanted to concentrate on period costume. I want to create a costume as historically accurate as possible so rather than designing my own character costume I would like to choose a historical figure and try to recreate their outfit. I want to look at a period which I haven’t studied before and therefore have chosen women of the 1700’s.

I have briefly looked at a selection of art of the era and would like my chosen portrait to include…

  • Panniers – A hooped skirt, the style of which is very distinctive to the 18th century
  • Embroidery – I have only ever done snippets of embroidery and would like to  take on a larger embroidery project
  • Authentic patterns and materials – this will have its limitations but I will try my best

I now need to look closely at portraits and fashions of the period and select a number portraits of historical figures to look into before I make my final decision of the costume I would like to recreate.